ESPHome  2023.8.3
Data Fields
esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData Struct Reference

Internal struct storing the calibration values of an BME280. More...

#include <bme280.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t t1
int16_t t2
int16_t t3
uint16_t p1
int16_t p2
int16_t p3
int16_t p4
int16_t p5
int16_t p6
int16_t p7
int16_t p8
int16_t p9
uint8_t h1
int16_t h2
uint8_t h3
int16_t h4
int16_t h5
int8_t h6

Detailed Description

Internal struct storing the calibration values of an BME280.

Definition at line 11 of file bme280.h.

Field Documentation

◆ h1

uint8_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::h1

Definition at line 26 of file bme280.h.

◆ h2

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::h2

Definition at line 27 of file bme280.h.

◆ h3

uint8_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::h3

Definition at line 28 of file bme280.h.

◆ h4

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::h4

Definition at line 29 of file bme280.h.

◆ h5

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::h5

Definition at line 30 of file bme280.h.

◆ h6

int8_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::h6

Definition at line 31 of file bme280.h.

◆ p1

uint16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p1

Definition at line 16 of file bme280.h.

◆ p2

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p2

Definition at line 17 of file bme280.h.

◆ p3

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p3

Definition at line 18 of file bme280.h.

◆ p4

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p4

Definition at line 19 of file bme280.h.

◆ p5

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p5

Definition at line 20 of file bme280.h.

◆ p6

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p6

Definition at line 21 of file bme280.h.

◆ p7

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p7

Definition at line 22 of file bme280.h.

◆ p8

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p8

Definition at line 23 of file bme280.h.

◆ p9

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::p9

Definition at line 24 of file bme280.h.

◆ t1

uint16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::t1

Definition at line 12 of file bme280.h.

◆ t2

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::t2

Definition at line 13 of file bme280.h.

◆ t3

int16_t esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData::t3

Definition at line 14 of file bme280.h.

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