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pca6416a.cpp File Reference

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 This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code available in CI.


enum  esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416AGPIORegisters {
  esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_INPUT0 = 0x00, esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_OUTPUT0 = 0x02, esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_INVERT0 = 0x04, esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_CONFIG0 = 0x06,
  esphome::pca6416a::PCAL6416A_PULL_EN0 = 0x46, esphome::pca6416a::PCAL6416A_PULL_DIR0 = 0x48, esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_INPUT1 = 0x01, esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_OUTPUT1 = 0x03,
  esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_INVERT1 = 0x05, esphome::pca6416a::PCA6416A_CONFIG1 = 0x07, esphome::pca6416a::PCAL6416A_PULL_EN1 = 0x47, esphome::pca6416a::PCAL6416A_PULL_DIR1 = 0x49