ESPHome  2023.5.4
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esphome::time Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  CronTrigger
struct  ESPTime
 A more user-friendly version of struct tm from time.h. More...
class  RealTimeClock
 The RealTimeClock class exposes common timekeeping functions via the device's local real-time clock. More...
class  SyncTrigger
class  TimeHasTimeCondition


template<typename T >
bool increment_time_value (T &current, uint16_t begin, uint16_t end)

Function Documentation

◆ increment_time_value()

template<typename T >
bool esphome::time::increment_time_value ( T &  current,
uint16_t  begin,
uint16_t  end 

Definition at line 99 of file real_time_clock.cpp.