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component.cpp File Reference

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 This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code available in CI.
 Default setup priorities for components of different types.


const float esphome::setup_priority::BUS = 1000.0f
 For communication buses like i2c/spi. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::IO = 900.0f
 For components that represent GPIO pins like PCF8573. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::HARDWARE = 800.0f
 For components that deal with hardware and are very important like GPIO switch. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::DATA = 600.0f
 For components that import data from directly connected sensors like DHT. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::PROCESSOR = 400.0
 For components that use data from sensors like displays. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::BLUETOOTH = 350.0f
const float esphome::setup_priority::AFTER_BLUETOOTH = 300.0f
const float esphome::setup_priority::WIFI = 250.0f
const float esphome::setup_priority::ETHERNET = 250.0f
const float esphome::setup_priority::BEFORE_CONNECTION = 220.0f
 For components that should be initialized after WiFi and before API is connected. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::AFTER_WIFI = 200.0f
 For components that should be initialized after WiFi is connected. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::AFTER_CONNECTION = 100.0f
 For components that should be initialized after a data connection (API/MQTT) is connected. More...
const float esphome::setup_priority::LATE = -100.0f
 For components that should be initialized at the very end of the setup process. More...
const uint32_t esphome::COMPONENT_STATE_MASK = 0xFF
const uint32_t esphome::COMPONENT_STATE_CONSTRUCTION = 0x00
const uint32_t esphome::COMPONENT_STATE_SETUP = 0x01
const uint32_t esphome::COMPONENT_STATE_LOOP = 0x02
const uint32_t esphome::COMPONENT_STATE_FAILED = 0x03
const uint32_t esphome::STATUS_LED_MASK = 0xFF00
const uint32_t esphome::STATUS_LED_OK = 0x0000
const uint32_t esphome::STATUS_LED_WARNING = 0x0100
const uint32_t esphome::STATUS_LED_ERROR = 0x0200
uint32_t esphome::global_state = 0