ESPHome  2024.6.6
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climate_ir_lg.cpp File Reference

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 This is a workaround until we can figure out a way to get the tflite-micro idf component code available in CI.


const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_MASK = 0xFF000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_OFF = 0xC0000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_SWING = 0x10000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_ON_COOL = 0x00000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_ON_DRY = 0x01000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_ON_FAN_ONLY = 0x02000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_ON_AI = 0x03000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_ON_HEAT = 0x04000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_COOL = 0x08000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_DRY = 0x09000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_FAN_ONLY = 0x0A000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_AI = 0x0B000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::COMMAND_HEAT = 0x0C000
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::FAN_MASK = 0xF0
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::FAN_AUTO = 0x50
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::FAN_MIN = 0x00
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::FAN_MED = 0x20
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::FAN_MAX = 0x40
const uint8_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::TEMP_RANGE = TEMP_MAX - TEMP_MIN + 1
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::TEMP_MASK = 0XF00
const uint32_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::TEMP_SHIFT = 8
const uint16_t esphome::climate_ir_lg::BITS = 28