ESPHome  2024.5.5
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esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData Class Reference

#include <remote_base.h>

Public Member Functions

 RemoteReceiveData (const RawTimings &data, uint32_t tolerance, ToleranceMode tolerance_mode)
const RawTimingsget_raw_data () const
uint32_t get_index () const
int32_t operator[] (uint32_t index) const
int32_t size () const
bool is_valid (uint32_t offset) const
int32_t peek (uint32_t offset=0) const
bool peek_mark (uint32_t length, uint32_t offset=0) const
bool peek_space (uint32_t length, uint32_t offset=0) const
bool peek_space_at_least (uint32_t length, uint32_t offset=0) const
bool peek_item (uint32_t mark, uint32_t space, uint32_t offset=0) const
bool expect_mark (uint32_t length)
bool expect_space (uint32_t length)
bool expect_item (uint32_t mark, uint32_t space)
bool expect_pulse_with_gap (uint32_t mark, uint32_t space)
void advance (uint32_t amount=1)
void reset ()
void set_tolerance (uint32_t tolerance, ToleranceMode tolerance_mode)
uint32_t get_tolerance ()
ToleranceMode get_tolerance_mode ()

Protected Member Functions

int32_t lower_bound_ (uint32_t length) const
int32_t upper_bound_ (uint32_t length) const

Protected Attributes

const RawTimingsdata_
uint32_t index_
uint32_t tolerance_
ToleranceMode tolerance_mode_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file remote_base.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RemoteReceiveData()

esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::RemoteReceiveData ( const RawTimings data,
uint32_t  tolerance,
ToleranceMode  tolerance_mode 

Definition at line 50 of file remote_base.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ advance()

void esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::advance ( uint32_t  amount = 1)

Definition at line 70 of file remote_base.h.

◆ expect_item()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::expect_item ( uint32_t  mark,
uint32_t  space 

Definition at line 74 of file remote_base.cpp.

◆ expect_mark()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::expect_mark ( uint32_t  length)

Definition at line 60 of file remote_base.cpp.

◆ expect_pulse_with_gap()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::expect_pulse_with_gap ( uint32_t  mark,
uint32_t  space 

Definition at line 81 of file remote_base.cpp.

◆ expect_space()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::expect_space ( uint32_t  length)

Definition at line 67 of file remote_base.cpp.

◆ get_index()

uint32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::get_index ( ) const

Definition at line 54 of file remote_base.h.

◆ get_raw_data()

const RawTimings& esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::get_raw_data ( ) const

Definition at line 53 of file remote_base.h.

◆ get_tolerance()

uint32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::get_tolerance ( )

Definition at line 77 of file remote_base.h.

◆ get_tolerance_mode()

ToleranceMode esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::get_tolerance_mode ( )

Definition at line 78 of file remote_base.h.

◆ is_valid()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::is_valid ( uint32_t  offset) const

Definition at line 57 of file remote_base.h.

◆ lower_bound_()

int32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::lower_bound_ ( uint32_t  length) const

Definition at line 81 of file remote_base.h.

◆ operator[]()

int32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::operator[] ( uint32_t  index) const

Definition at line 55 of file remote_base.h.

◆ peek()

int32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::peek ( uint32_t  offset = 0) const

Definition at line 58 of file remote_base.h.

◆ peek_item()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::peek_item ( uint32_t  mark,
uint32_t  space,
uint32_t  offset = 0 
) const

Definition at line 62 of file remote_base.h.

◆ peek_mark()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::peek_mark ( uint32_t  length,
uint32_t  offset = 0 
) const

Definition at line 34 of file remote_base.cpp.

◆ peek_space()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::peek_space ( uint32_t  length,
uint32_t  offset = 0 
) const

Definition at line 43 of file remote_base.cpp.

◆ peek_space_at_least()

bool esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::peek_space_at_least ( uint32_t  length,
uint32_t  offset = 0 
) const

Definition at line 52 of file remote_base.cpp.

◆ reset()

void esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::reset ( )

Definition at line 71 of file remote_base.h.

◆ set_tolerance()

void esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::set_tolerance ( uint32_t  tolerance,
ToleranceMode  tolerance_mode 

Definition at line 73 of file remote_base.h.

◆ size()

int32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::size ( ) const

Definition at line 56 of file remote_base.h.

◆ upper_bound_()

int32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::upper_bound_ ( uint32_t  length) const

Definition at line 89 of file remote_base.h.

Field Documentation

◆ data_

const RawTimings& esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::data_

Definition at line 98 of file remote_base.h.

◆ index_

uint32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::index_

Definition at line 99 of file remote_base.h.

◆ tolerance_

uint32_t esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::tolerance_

Definition at line 100 of file remote_base.h.

◆ tolerance_mode_

ToleranceMode esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiveData::tolerance_mode_

Definition at line 101 of file remote_base.h.

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