ESPHome  1.15.3
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esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR Class Referenceabstract

#include <climate_ir.h>

Inheritance diagram for esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR:
esphome::climate::Climate esphome::Component esphome::remote_base::RemoteReceiverListener esphome::Nameable esphome::climate_ir_lg::LgIrClimate esphome::coolix::CoolixClimate esphome::daikin::DaikinClimate esphome::fujitsu_general::FujitsuGeneralClimate esphome::mitsubishi::MitsubishiClimate esphome::tcl112::Tcl112Climate esphome::toshiba::ToshibaClimate esphome::whirlpool::WhirlpoolClimate

Public Member Functions

 ClimateIR (float minimum_temperature, float maximum_temperature, float temperature_step=1.0f, bool supports_dry=false, bool supports_fan_only=false, std::vector< climate::ClimateFanMode > fan_modes={}, std::vector< climate::ClimateSwingMode > swing_modes={})
void setup () override
void dump_config () override
void set_transmitter (remote_transmitter::RemoteTransmitterComponent *transmitter)
void set_supports_cool (bool supports_cool)
void set_supports_heat (bool supports_heat)
void set_sensor (sensor::Sensor *sensor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::climate::Climate
 Climate ()
 Construct a climate device with empty name (will be set later). More...
 Climate (const std::string &name)
 Construct a climate device with a name. More...
void add_on_state_callback (std::function< void()> &&callback)
 Add a callback for the climate device state, each time the state of the climate device is updated (using publish_state), this callback will be called. More...
ClimateCall make_call ()
 Make a climate device control call, this is used to control the climate device, see the ClimateCall description for more info. More...
void publish_state ()
 Publish the state of the climate device, to be called from integrations. More...
ClimateTraits get_traits ()
 Get the traits of this climate device with all overrides applied. More...
void set_visual_min_temperature_override (float visual_min_temperature_override)
void set_visual_max_temperature_override (float visual_max_temperature_override)
void set_visual_temperature_step_override (float visual_temperature_step_override)
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::Nameable
 Nameable ()
 Nameable (const std::string &name)
const std::string & get_name () const
void set_name (const std::string &name)
const std::string & get_object_id ()
 Get the sanitized name of this nameable as an ID. Caching it internally. More...
uint32_t get_object_id_hash ()
bool is_internal () const
void set_internal (bool internal)
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::Component
virtual void loop ()
 This method will be called repeatedly. More...
virtual float get_setup_priority () const
 priority of setup(). More...
float get_actual_setup_priority () const
void set_setup_priority (float priority)
virtual float get_loop_priority () const
 priority of loop(). More...
void call ()
virtual void on_shutdown ()
virtual void on_safe_shutdown ()
uint32_t get_component_state () const
virtual void mark_failed ()
 Mark this component as failed. More...
bool is_failed ()
virtual bool can_proceed ()
bool status_has_warning ()
bool status_has_error ()
void status_set_warning ()
void status_set_error ()
void status_clear_warning ()
void status_clear_error ()
void status_momentary_warning (const std::string &name, uint32_t length=5000)
void status_momentary_error (const std::string &name, uint32_t length=5000)
bool has_overridden_loop () const

Protected Member Functions

void control (const climate::ClimateCall &call) override
 Override control to change settings of the climate device. More...
climate::ClimateTraits traits () override
 Return the traits of this controller. More...
virtual void transmit_state ()=0
 Transmit via IR the state of this climate controller. More...
bool on_receive (remote_base::RemoteReceiveData data) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from esphome::climate::Climate
optional< ClimateDeviceRestoreStaterestore_state_ ()
 Restore the state of the climate device, call this from your setup() method. More...
void save_state_ ()
 Internal method to save the state of the climate device to recover memory. More...
uint32_t hash_base () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from esphome::Nameable
void calc_object_id_ ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from esphome::Component
virtual void call_loop ()
virtual void call_setup ()
void set_interval (const std::string &name, uint32_t interval, std::function< void()> &&f)
 Set an interval function with a unique name. More...
void set_interval (uint32_t interval, std::function< void()> &&f)
bool cancel_interval (const std::string &name)
 Cancel an interval function. More...
void set_timeout (uint32_t timeout, std::function< void()> &&f)
void set_timeout (const std::string &name, uint32_t timeout, std::function< void()> &&f)
 Set a timeout function with a unique name. More...
bool cancel_timeout (const std::string &name)
 Cancel a timeout function. More...
void defer (const std::string &name, std::function< void()> &&f)
 Defer a callback to the next loop() call. More...
void defer (std::function< void()> &&f)
 Defer a callback to the next loop() call. More...
bool cancel_defer (const std::string &name)
 Cancel a defer callback using the specified name, name must not be empty. More...

Protected Attributes

float minimum_temperature_
float maximum_temperature_
float temperature_step_
bool supports_cool_ {true}
bool supports_heat_ {true}
bool supports_dry_ {false}
bool supports_fan_only_ {false}
std::vector< climate::ClimateFanModefan_modes_ = {}
std::vector< climate::ClimateSwingModeswing_modes_ = {}
sensor::Sensorsensor_ {nullptr}
- Protected Attributes inherited from esphome::climate::Climate
friend ClimateCall
CallbackManager< void()> state_callback_ {}
ESPPreferenceObject rtc_
optional< float > visual_min_temperature_override_ {}
optional< float > visual_max_temperature_override_ {}
optional< float > visual_temperature_step_override_ {}
- Protected Attributes inherited from esphome::Nameable
std::string name_
std::string object_id_
uint32_t object_id_hash_
bool internal_ {false}
- Protected Attributes inherited from esphome::Component
uint32_t component_state_ {0x0000}
 State of this component. More...
float setup_priority_override_ {NAN}

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from esphome::climate::Climate
ClimateMode mode {CLIMATE_MODE_OFF}
 The active mode of the climate device. More...
ClimateAction action {CLIMATE_ACTION_OFF}
 The active state of the climate device. More...
float current_temperature {NAN}
 The current temperature of the climate device, as reported from the integration. More...
union {
   float   target_temperature
 The target temperature of the climate device. More...
   struct {
      float   target_temperature_low
 The minimum target temperature of the climate device, for climate devices with split target temperature. More...
      float   target_temperature_high
 The maximum target temperature of the climate device, for climate devices with split target temperature. More...
bool away {false}
 Whether the climate device is in away mode. More...
ClimateFanMode fan_mode
 The active fan mode of the climate device. More...
ClimateSwingMode swing_mode
 The active swing mode of the climate device. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file climate_ir.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ClimateIR()

esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::ClimateIR ( float  minimum_temperature,
float  maximum_temperature,
float  temperature_step = 1.0f,
bool  supports_dry = false,
bool  supports_fan_only = false,
std::vector< climate::ClimateFanMode fan_modes = {},
std::vector< climate::ClimateSwingMode swing_modes = {} 

Definition at line 21 of file climate_ir.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ control()

void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::control ( const climate::ClimateCall call)

Override control to change settings of the climate device.

Implements esphome::climate::Climate.

Reimplemented in esphome::whirlpool::WhirlpoolClimate, esphome::climate_ir_lg::LgIrClimate, and esphome::coolix::CoolixClimate.

Definition at line 100 of file climate_ir.cpp.

◆ dump_config()

void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::dump_config ( )

Reimplemented from esphome::Component.

Definition at line 112 of file climate_ir.cpp.

◆ on_receive()

bool esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::on_receive ( remote_base::RemoteReceiveData  data)

◆ set_sensor()

void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::set_sensor ( sensor::Sensor sensor)

Definition at line 41 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ set_supports_cool()

void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::set_supports_cool ( bool  supports_cool)

Definition at line 39 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ set_supports_heat()

void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::set_supports_heat ( bool  supports_heat)

Definition at line 40 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ set_transmitter()

void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::set_transmitter ( remote_transmitter::RemoteTransmitterComponent transmitter)

Definition at line 36 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ setup()

void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::setup ( )

Reimplemented from esphome::Component.

Reimplemented in esphome::whirlpool::WhirlpoolClimate.

Definition at line 72 of file climate_ir.cpp.

◆ traits()

climate::ClimateTraits esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::traits ( )

Return the traits of this controller.

Implements esphome::climate::Climate.

Definition at line 9 of file climate_ir.cpp.

◆ transmit_state()

virtual void esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::transmit_state ( )
protectedpure virtual

Field Documentation

◆ fan_modes_

std::vector<climate::ClimateFanMode> esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::fan_modes_ = {}

Definition at line 61 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ maximum_temperature_

float esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::maximum_temperature_

Definition at line 44 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ minimum_temperature_

float esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::minimum_temperature_

Definition at line 44 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ sensor_

sensor::Sensor* esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::sensor_ {nullptr}

Definition at line 65 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ supports_cool_

bool esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::supports_cool_ {true}

Definition at line 57 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ supports_dry_

bool esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::supports_dry_ {false}

Definition at line 59 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ supports_fan_only_

bool esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::supports_fan_only_ {false}

Definition at line 60 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ supports_heat_

bool esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::supports_heat_ {true}

Definition at line 58 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ swing_modes_

std::vector<climate::ClimateSwingMode> esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::swing_modes_ = {}

Definition at line 62 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ temperature_step_

float esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::temperature_step_

Definition at line 44 of file climate_ir.h.

◆ transmitter_

remote_transmitter::RemoteTransmitterComponent* esphome::climate_ir::ClimateIR::transmitter_

Definition at line 64 of file climate_ir.h.

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