ESPHome  2024.5.1
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esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse Class Reference

#include <api_pb2.h>

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Public Member Functions

void encode (ProtoWriteBuffer buffer) const override
void dump_to (std::string &out) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from esphome::api::ProtoMessage
virtual ~ProtoMessage ()=default
void decode (const uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
std::string dump () const

Data Fields

bool uses_password {false}
std::string name {}
std::string mac_address {}
std::string esphome_version {}
std::string compilation_time {}
std::string model {}
bool has_deep_sleep {false}
std::string project_name {}
std::string project_version {}
uint32_t webserver_port {0}
uint32_t legacy_bluetooth_proxy_version {0}
uint32_t bluetooth_proxy_feature_flags {0}
std::string manufacturer {}
std::string friendly_name {}
uint32_t legacy_voice_assistant_version {0}
uint32_t voice_assistant_feature_flags {0}
std::string suggested_area {}

Protected Member Functions

bool decode_length (uint32_t field_id, ProtoLengthDelimited value) override
bool decode_varint (uint32_t field_id, ProtoVarInt value) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from esphome::api::ProtoMessage
virtual bool decode_32bit (uint32_t field_id, Proto32Bit value)
virtual bool decode_64bit (uint32_t field_id, Proto64Bit value)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 323 of file api_pb2.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ decode_length()

bool esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::decode_length ( uint32_t  field_id,
ProtoLengthDelimited  value 

Reimplemented from esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 757 of file api_pb2.cpp.

◆ decode_varint()

bool esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::decode_varint ( uint32_t  field_id,
ProtoVarInt  value 

Reimplemented from esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 723 of file api_pb2.cpp.

◆ dump_to()

void esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::dump_to ( std::string &  out) const

Implements esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 823 of file api_pb2.cpp.

◆ encode()

void esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::encode ( ProtoWriteBuffer  buffer) const

Implements esphome::api::ProtoMessage.

Definition at line 803 of file api_pb2.cpp.

Field Documentation

◆ bluetooth_proxy_feature_flags

uint32_t esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::bluetooth_proxy_feature_flags {0}

Definition at line 336 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ compilation_time

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::compilation_time {}

Definition at line 329 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ esphome_version

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::esphome_version {}

Definition at line 328 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ friendly_name

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::friendly_name {}

Definition at line 338 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ has_deep_sleep

bool esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::has_deep_sleep {false}

Definition at line 331 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ legacy_bluetooth_proxy_version

uint32_t esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::legacy_bluetooth_proxy_version {0}

Definition at line 335 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ legacy_voice_assistant_version

uint32_t esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::legacy_voice_assistant_version {0}

Definition at line 339 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ mac_address

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::mac_address {}

Definition at line 327 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ manufacturer

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::manufacturer {}

Definition at line 337 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ model

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::model {}

Definition at line 330 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ name

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::name {}

Definition at line 326 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ project_name

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::project_name {}

Definition at line 332 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ project_version

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::project_version {}

Definition at line 333 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ suggested_area

std::string esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::suggested_area {}

Definition at line 341 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ uses_password

bool esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::uses_password {false}

Definition at line 325 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ voice_assistant_feature_flags

uint32_t esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::voice_assistant_feature_flags {0}

Definition at line 340 of file api_pb2.h.

◆ webserver_port

uint32_t esphome::api::DeviceInfoResponse::webserver_port {0}

Definition at line 334 of file api_pb2.h.

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