ESPHome  2023.5.5
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bme280.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  esphome::bme280::BME280CalibrationData
 Internal struct storing the calibration values of an BME280. More...
class  esphome::bme280::BME280Component
 This class implements support for the BME280 Temperature+Pressure+Humidity i2c sensor. More...




enum  esphome::bme280::BME280Oversampling {
  esphome::bme280::BME280_OVERSAMPLING_NONE = 0b000, esphome::bme280::BME280_OVERSAMPLING_1X = 0b001, esphome::bme280::BME280_OVERSAMPLING_2X = 0b010, esphome::bme280::BME280_OVERSAMPLING_4X = 0b011,
  esphome::bme280::BME280_OVERSAMPLING_8X = 0b100, esphome::bme280::BME280_OVERSAMPLING_16X = 0b101
 Enum listing all Oversampling values for the BME280. More...
enum  esphome::bme280::BME280IIRFilter {
  esphome::bme280::BME280_IIR_FILTER_OFF = 0b000, esphome::bme280::BME280_IIR_FILTER_2X = 0b001, esphome::bme280::BME280_IIR_FILTER_4X = 0b010, esphome::bme280::BME280_IIR_FILTER_8X = 0b011,
  esphome::bme280::BME280_IIR_FILTER_16X = 0b100
 Enum listing all Infinite Impulse Filter values for the BME280. More...