ESPHome  2021.9.1
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bh1750.h File Reference

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Data Structures

class  esphome::bh1750::BH1750Sensor
 This class implements support for the i2c-based BH1750 ambient light sensor. More...


 Library based on and adapted to ESPHome by .


enum  esphome::bh1750::BH1750Resolution { esphome::bh1750::BH1750_RESOLUTION_4P0_LX = 0b00100011, esphome::bh1750::BH1750_RESOLUTION_1P0_LX = 0b00100000, esphome::bh1750::BH1750_RESOLUTION_0P5_LX = 0b00100001 }
 Enum listing all resolutions that can be used with the BH1750. More...